Instruments For Sale: Didjibodhráns

The didjibodhrán is an original hybrid instrument. It's an Irish frame drum, called a bodhrán, that has a stretched goatskin head. The ceramic drum frame is also a circular didjeridu. If you're not sure what a didjeridu is, click here for a quick explanation.

The instrument is held as shown below. In the models for sale below, the bell of the didjeridu is turned in toward the back of the drum head. When blowing into the didjibodhrán as a didjeridu, the drum head vibrates sympathetically, creating some eerie pseudo-reverberation effects. The didjibodhrán can also played with the fingers like a Middle-Eastern or North-African tar (frame drum) while blowing into it as a didjeridu, or as a bodhrán in the traditional Irish style using a stick or your hand.


The picture to the left indicates the typical playing position of the side-blown didjibodhrán.

Click here to hear a sound sample of the didjibodhrán.

More sound samples available here.

Each instrument comes with a wooden beater (a "tipper"), instructions for playing, and a copy of the "Didjibodhran Sampler" CD, which gives samples of different playing styles and techniques. Soft padded carrying cases are also available - please inquire. Click on a picture to see a larger photo.

  Sorry, no didjibodhrans are currently available. Send me an email to inquire about future availability. The price for the standard model is $400 US dollars.

The Didjibodhran Sampler CD is availble for $5 plus $2 for first class postage to anywhere in the US. The price of the CD can be deducted from the cost of an instrument should you later decide to purchase one.

The didjibodhran also makes a nice cat bed.

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